Thursday, August 16, 2018


In the above photo are some of the winners from The Battle of Atlanta, 14 - 16 June 2018 in Atlanta GA.
                    Not in photo is Lila Haddex who won the Grand Championship in the beginners division ages 13 and under. Trophy is not in photo. 
           This year the Battle of Atlanta presented  Grand Championships to, Beginners, Intermediates and Advance competitors.

                      In the above photo are winners from the South Alabama Open karate tournament on 9 June 2018
The wins started off with Cotton Sherrer winning 2nd in forms, 1st in weapons, 4th in fighting in the 15-17 age division and he also won the overall junior black belt Grand Championship.
Jace Himes placed 1st in forms, weapons, fighting in ages 13 and under junior black belt division and also competed for the Grand Championship trophy.

 In the above photo are the family support and winners                                                                 Winners and instructors

Students from Conley's Keichu-Do Academy of Martial Arts started off the 2018 karate tournament season excellent by representing Enterprise at the IKC Challenge in Columbus, Ga on 17 February 2018.  Conley's Academy has been participating in this tournament for 5 yrs and has always been impressive.  The winnings started in the Jr black belt division age 15 & 16 yr old where Tyler "Cotton" Sherrer placed 1st in weapons, 1st in forms and 3rd in fighting which enabled him to compete for the Grand Championship for all youth black belts.  Tyler "Cotton" Sherrer performed flawlessly winning the youth Grand Championship in weapons.  Also in the 12 & 13 yr old black belt division was Jace Himes winning 1st in weapons, 1st in forms and 2nd in fighting which made Jace eligible to also compete for Grand Champion.  Jace was also victorious winning Grand Champion in the forms division.  This gave Conley's keichu-Do Academy two Grand Champion wins at one tournament for 2018.  In the adult women black belt division ages 18-29 for the first time as an adult black belt, Danai Elise Coleman won 2nd in both forms and weapons.  In the brown belt division ages 15-17 Justin Jones won 1st in all three of his events, weapons, forms and fighting.  In the youth boys intermediate division ages 12 & 13 yr old (orange, green and blue belts) Layton Smith won 1st in forms and 2nd in fighting.  In the intermediate division ages 10 & 11 Yr old boys Chandler Strong won 2nd in forms.  In the 9 & 10 yr old white and yellow belt division: Ethan Maquet placed 1st in forms and 3rd in fighting.  His brother Evan placed 1st in forms and 2nd in fighting in the 6 & 7 yr old division.  Also in the 6 & 7 yr old division, white and yellow belts was Braeden Brye placing 3rd in forms.  At the IKC Challenge tournament they also presented a most supporting school award.  For the second time in five yrs Conley's Keichu-Do Academy received this award.  The award was presented to Grand Master Eldrige Conley by Amy Latta-Won the tournament director.  The next competition will be the 2018 South Alabama Open on 9 June in Andalusia, Al followed by The Battle of Atlanta in Atlanta, Ga on June 15-16.   Chandler Strong, Danai Coleman and parents are not in the photo 
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