Tournament Results for 2007

Enterprise & Ft. Rucker Karate Students Collect Wins

Students from Conley’s Keichu-Do Academy of Martial Arts brought home wins in all divisions when they competed in the 28th Annual Southern Region Open Karate Tournament. This event was held in Dothan Al at the Dothan Civic on 3 November 2007. Every student placed in their division. This was the 7th year that Conley’s Academy participated in this event.

Karate is a great sport for both youths and adults. Open tournaments let the student see where they stand with other martial art students. All students from Conley’s Keichu-Do Academy train in forms, fighting, weapons and also judo.

The wins started with Grandmaster Conley’s son EJ. In the junior black belt division EJ placed 2nd in fighting due to an injury which prevented him from competing for 1st place, and 2nd in open hand forms. Also from the Enterprise school in the girls brown belt division, Amber Steger won 1st in forms and 1st in weapons, while her brother Andre Steger, boys brown belt division, won 3rd in fighting, 1st in forms and 1st in weapons. Other students from the Enterprise school placed as follows: White and yellow belt girls division 9-10 year old, Joanie Haas, 2nd in forms, Lizbeth Jacome 3rd in fighting. 11-12 year old boys, Colton Powers 2nd in forms. 7-8 year old, Buddy Haas 2nd in forms, Caleb Yates, 5th. In the 13-14 white belt division, Kenneth Epperson, 2nd in forms. In the 13-14 colored belts, Ryan Dare, 1st in forms and 1st in fighting. In the orange and green belt division, Daniel Claybough, 3rd in forms and 3rd in fighting, Ellis Frazier, 4th in forms. In the 7-8 year old green belt division Sean Andrews, 1st in forms and 1st in fighting. From the Fort Rucker school of Conley’s Academy, L J Adrales won 2nd in forms and 1st in weapons in the 13-14 year old colored belt division. In the white belt division Clayton Weber, 1st in forms and 3rd in fighting. In the adult brown belt senior division, Rodelyn Mullins 1st in forms, 1st in weapons and 1st in fighting.

Fifth degree black belt Patrick Paolozzi from Germany, a student of Master Conley’s since 1985, placed 1st in weapons in the Senior Black Belt division. He then had a chance to compete for Grand Champion. Master Paolozzi was successful and became the Black Belt Forms/Weapons Grand Champion 2007.

Not available for photo are: Laurie Conley (instructor) EJ Conley, LJ Adrales and Ellis Frazier.