Below are photo’s from Grandmaster Eldrige Conley visit to Germany, April 18 – 25 2018, where he conducted three Keichu-Do clinics and was a special guest at the German open karate tournament on 21 April 2018. Also, a photo of Grandmaster Conley with other Grandmasters seated in the second row.
Below are photo’s from Grandmaster Eldrige Conley Keichu-Do clinic and promotions in Germany. Jun, 29,30 and July 1st 2017. Master Patrick Paolozzi were promoted to 7th degree black belt during that time. Gold medals and certificates was presented to all the clinic attendees by Grandmaster Conley.
Below are photo’s of Grandmaster Eldrige Conley with his Germany Keichu family during his visit to Germany April 22-30 2015. He conducted seminers, promotions and was surprised with a celebration to mark his 30 year anniversary for bringing Keichu-Do Karate to Germany.
Below are Grandmaster Eldrige Conley and Laurie Conley conducting a seminar on 18 and 19 April 2013 in Germany with his German students. Grandmaster Conley was a special guest during the German Open Karate Tournament on 20 April 2013 in Giebeistadt Germany.
Below is: Grandmaster Conley speaking during opening ceremony in honor of Soke Karl W. Marx. Founder of Keichu-Do Karate