Tournament Results for 2013

Victorious Marital Art Students from Enterprise, Alabama in Dothan, Alabama on 12 October 2013

Dothan 3 November 2013
In photo: Front Row from left to right- Shihon dai(Master Instructor) Eldrige Conley, Sensei Laurie Conley, Williams Harrison (1st Kata /Sparring), Cotton Sherrer (2nd Kata, 3rd Sparring, 1st Weapons), Benjamin Sheets (1st Kata), Jace Himes (1st Kata), Spencer Shirah (1st Kata), Trevor Woodham (1st Kata), Zaina Ojeda (2nd Kata), Xavier Cruz (2nd Sparring), Sensei Rodelyn Mullins (1st Kata, 2nd Sparring, 1st Weapons), Shihon dai Patrick Paolozzi – Germany Keichu-do Academy. Back Row from left to right- Danai Coleman (1st Kata/Sparring), Andreas Hehn -Germany Keichu-do Academy (1st Kata, 2nd Sparring, 3rd Weapons), Andrew Richardson (1st Kata/Sparring), Ariane Hehn -Germany Keichu-do Academy (2nd Kata, 1st Sparring/Weapons), Gabriel Cruz (1st Kata), Michaela Lorenz- -Germany Keichu-do Academy (2nd Sparring), Alyssa Delaney (2nd Kata/Sparring), Sensei Bekim Nuhija- -Germany Keichu-do Academy (1st Kata, 2nd Sparring/Weapons).

This concluded the Karate Tournament Season for 2013. The school is open on Monday and Wednesday, we welcome anyone interested in building these qualities in themselves. Shihon Dai Conley was very pleased with the results of his students; including four students from Germany. Noticeable differences are found at tournaments when comparing Master Conley’s students to those of other schools. Instructors from all over ask Shihon Dai Conley his teaching methods and style. Master Conley describes his teaching techniques as very strict and confidence building. His passion is for keeping the martial art tradition alive in the young people that he teaches. Once again, Conley’s Keichu Do Academy closed out the karate tournament season winning big. Students brought home 32 trophies, showcasing their talent they mastered through Grandmaster Conley’s expert teaching. The Dothan Leisure Services sponsored The 34th Southeastern Region Open Karate Tournament at the Dothan Civic Center on October 12th 2013. Karate students from throughout many states and countries met to demonstrate their martial arts skills. Students from Conley’s Academy competed in the following four different karate categories: Musical Kata, Open hand Kata, Kumite and Weapons.

Above are winners and instructors from the Battle of Atlanta 2013 in Atlanta, GA

May 25, 2013 wins in Tallahassee, Fl

In photo: Grandmaster Conley, Laurie Conley. Students: Spencer Shirah, Jace Himes, Tyler Cotton Sherrer,
Celine Brohm, (Instructor Rodelyn Mullins), Harley Powers, Danai Coleman, Gabriel Cruz, Moon Mullins. Winners not in photo: Thor Best, Magnus Best, Cameron Harmon.
Great Job

Also, a photo of Celine Brohm going back to Germany group photo:

2013 wins started off with Ty McCollum, Jace Himes and Charles Zach Crawford at the IKC Challenge in Columbus, GA