Enterprise Martial Arts Students Preformed With Skills Not Luck.

Students from Conley’s Keichu-Do Academy showed their skills not luck starting off the 2020 karate tournament season. Eight students competed at the IKC Challenge open karate tournament on 22 February, held in Columbus, George.

The Keichu worriers winnings started off in the 15-17 year old youth black belt division with,Cotton Sherrer,winning 1stinforms, 2nd in fighting 3rd in weapons and he also won the Grand Championship trophy plus $50.00 in the junior black belt division. This win gave Cotton his 11th Grand Championship win and only been a junior black for four years.

Jace Himes in the 14 and under youth black belt division placed1stinfighting and 2nd in both weapons and forms in his division. In the adult woman black belt division Danai Coleman won 3rdin weapons and 2nd in forms. In the men adult under belt division ages 18 – 29, Tylor Wardrobe placed 1st in forms, weapons and fighting in his division.

In the youth brown belt division ages 13 – 17, Layton Smith placed 1st in weapons, forms and fighting. In the beginner’s division ages 13-14 year old, Landon Smith placed 1st in forms. Also in the 9 and 10 year old beginners division Lennon Chandler placed 4th in forms and 3rd in fighting while Levi Helms placed 1st in forms and 3rd in fighting. Levi is a Keichu-Do students from the Encore Fine Arts studio class in Geneva, Alabama.

Grand Master Conley with 50 years in Keichu-Do Karate and a 30 year retiree from the US Army,he applies the same discipline, hard work and focus to his students. The premier school for learning Martial Arts. “The training is tough”. KEICHU WORRIERS WILL NEVER QUIT.

In attached photo from left to right: Grand Master Conley,CottonSherrer, Layton Smith, Landon Smith, Lennon Chandler, Tylor Wardrobe, Jace Himes, Danai Coleman ,
Not in the photo is, Levi Halms,