Tournament Results for 2010

Southern Region Open Karate Tournament Dothan Civic Center in Dothan, Alabama, October 30, 2010

In photo:1st row: Lew Diefenderfer,Joanie Haas,Cameron Harmon.Row 2. Laurie Conley, Chasity Cierra Moore, Elizabeth Brotzman, Zachary Crawford, Quan Patterson,Rodelyn Mullins,EJ Conley, Row 3. GrandMaster Eldrige Conley,Master Patrick Paolozzi,Bekim Nuhija,Michael Kelly,Andre Steger, Michaela Lovenz.

Keichu-Do style karate was well represented at the Southern Region Open Karate Tournament held at the Civic Center in Dothan, Alabama on October 30. Twelve students trained by eighth degree black belt Shihon Eldrige Conley from Conley’s Keichu-Do Academy in Enterprise competed. Sixth degree black belt Patrick Paolozzi, Conley’s student since 1985, came from Germany with three of his own students to compete in the tournament as well. By the end of the tournament the 16 competitors had won a whopping 36 trophies plus two grand championships. The students competed in three different categories: open-hand kata, weapons kata and sparring. Three first time competitors from Conley’s Academy walked away with five trophies. In the white belt adult division Michael Kelly won 2nd in kata and 2nd in sparring, while white belt Elizabeth Brotzman in the 15-17 year old division won 2nd place in kata and 3rd place in sparring. Lew Diefenderfer won 2nd place in kata in the yellow belt 7-8 year old division. Quan Patterson, yellow belt 11-12 year old division, won 1st in kata and 1st in sparring. Other winners include Quentin Carr placing 1st in kata in the 9-10 year old orange belt division and Cameron Harmond placing 1st in kata and 2nd in sparring in the 11-12 year old green belt division. In the advanced group, purple belt Zachary Crawford placed 1st in kata, 1st in sparring and 2nd in weapons in the 15-17 year division. Brown belts brought home six trophies with Andre Steger winning 1st in weapons, 2nd in kata and 1st in sparring in the 15-17 division, and Joanie Haas placing 1st in weapons, 3rd in kata, and 4th in sparring in the 13-14 year old division. The German competitors brought home trophies as well. Patrick Paolozzi won 1st in weapons and 2nd in kata in the black belt 42 and over division, while Bekim Nuhija won 1st in weapons, 3rd in kata and 3rd in sparring in the black belt 35 and over division. Anja Metz competed in the women black belt 18-32 division and won 3rd in weapons, 2nd in kata and 3rd in sparring. Michaela Lovenz won 2nd in weapons, 3rd in kata and 3rd in sparring in the green belt 42 and over division. The big winners were EJ Conley and Rodelyn Mullins who brought home grand championship trophies. Six time grand championship winner EJ Conley won the Grand Championship in the youth black belt forms division. He also won 1st place in weapons, 1st place in kata and 2nd place in sparring. Rodelyn Mullins won the Grand Championship in the black belt adult women sparring division. She also placed 1st in weapons, 1st in kata and 1st in sparring. Shihon dia Conley was pleased with the tournament results and the competitors are looking forward to their next competition.

23rd Annual Sunshine Classic, Panama City, FL, 14 August 14, 2010

Front: Grandmaster Conley, Quan Patterson, Corra Miller, Cameron Harmon, Rodelyn Mullins, EJ Conley. Back: Robert S. Johnston, Zachary Crawford, Chase Powers, Harley Powers, Andre Steger, not in photo Quentin Carr.

Enterprise Martial Art Students in Control Total Domination was the theme of the day for Conley’s Keichu-Do Academy team on Saturday, 14 August 2010 at the Sunshine Open Karate Tournament in Panama City Beach, Fl. And no finer example of total domination was displayed at the tournament than the performance of 17 year old competitor EJ Conley. After a year long hiatus from competing, EJ Conley bowled over the competition with his outstanding performance in Forms, Musical Forms, Weapons and sparring in the 15–17 yr old black belt division. Out performing many other black belts EJ earned the honor of Grand Champion for the second year; the award given to the best of the best at the event. Proving the success of Master Conley’s methodology, were the 25 other trophies received by students of Conley’s Academy. Competing for the first time was Quan Patterson who placed first in both forms and sparring for the 11-12 year old beginners. Also Tort Rucker flight student Robert Johnston competing in his first open karate tournament placed 1st in the adult men forms division. Other winners were Cameron Harmon 1st in forms, 3rd in sparring, Harley Powers 3rd in forms and sparring, Chase Powers 1st in weapons, 2nd in forms, sparring and musical ; Zachary Crawford 1st forms, sparring, musical and 2nd in weapons, Andre Steger 1st in sparring, 2nd in weapons, Corra Miller 1st in sparring, 2nd in forms and 3rd in weapons; Rodelyn Mullins 1st in weapons,2nd in sparring and forms; Quentin Carr 1st in forms and 2nd in sparring.