Tournament Results for 2008

The Southeastern Region Open Karate Tournament at the Dothan Civic Center, November 1st, 2008, Dothan, Alabama.

In group photo: From left to right front, Seth Rogers, Brett Hataway, Connor McClung, Tyler Wardrobe, Joanie Haas, LJ Adorales. Back from left to right: Grand Master Conley, Patrick Paolozzi, Chase Powers, Harley Powers, Corra Miller, Ellis Frazier, Rodelyn Mullins, EJ Conley

Once again, Conley’s Keichu Do Academy brought home the gold, showcasing their talent they mastered through Master Conley’s expert teaching. The Dothan Civic Center hosted the Southeastern Region Open Karate Tournament on November 1st, 2008. Ms and Little Ms National Peanut Festival Queens 2008 welcomed all competitors. Karate students from throughout many states and countries met to demonstrate their martial arts skills. Students from Conley’s Academy competed in the following three different karate categories: Kata -the performance of prearranged karate techniques, sparring – contact made between two opponents for effective and controlled punches and kicks, and weapons – arranged fighting moves using traditional weapons.

Shihon Conley was very pleased with the results of his students. E.J. Conley won Grand Champion in the youth black belt division, making this his 4th Grand Champion win in his Karate career. E.J. also won 1st in kata, 3rd in weapons and sparring. Seth Rogers moved up to the intermediate division, (orange and green belts) proving himself with a 2nd place trophy for kata and 4th in sparring. Ellis Frazier, an orange belt, won 1st in Kata., Joanie Haas (green belt) won 1st in weapons,2nd in kata, and 4th in sparring, Brett Hataway, (yellow belt) won 1st in kata, Connor McClung (white belt) – 4th in kata, 6 year old Tyler Wardrobe won 2nd in kata, Corra Miller (white belt) – 3rd in kata and sparring, Harley Powers (yellow belt) – 4th in kata, L.J. Adorales( purple belt) – 1st weapons and kata, Rodelyn Mullins (1st degree black belt) – 1st in weapons and kata and 3rd sparring. Patrick Paolozzi, (5th degree black belt) Master Conley’s student from Germany placed 3rd in kata and weapons.

Noticeable differences are found at tournaments when comparing Master Conley’s students to those of other schools. Instructors from all over ask Shihon Conley his teaching methods and style. Master Conley describes his teaching techniques as very strict and confidence building. His passion is for keeping the martial art tradition alive in the young people that he teaches.

Conley’s Keichu-Do Students win big during the 21st Sunshine Classic Open Karate Tournament August 19, 2008 in Panama City Beach, FL.

Winners in the Sunshine Classic tournament is as follows: Seth Rogers, 1st in both forms and fighting, Ellis Frazer, 3rd in both forms and fighting. Joanie Haas, 1st in both forms and fighting, EJ Conley, 1st in Forms, weapons and fighting to include the overall Grand Championship. Corra Miller, 1st in forms and 2nd in fighting, Harley Powers, 4th in both, Colton Powers 2nd in forms.

Battle of Atlanta, Atlanta, GA, 2008

Students of Conley’s Keichu-Do Academy of Martial Arts, Enterprise Alabama competed August 1st and 2nd, 2008, in Atlanta, Georgia among World’s Top Martial Artists at the Battle of Atlanta XLI: A New Beginning. Grandmaster Eldrige Conley and his students took home top honors. Students that competed were Seth Rogers, winning 2nd place in sparring and 3rd place in forms (kata) for the 8 and 9 year old beginners division. This was the second time Seth ever competed in a karate tournament. He won first place in his first tournament in Tallahassee, FL on May 24, 2008. However, this was a big event for all of Grandmaster Conley students. Also competing and winning 3rd in all events was junior black belt, E.J. Conley. Brown belt division, Amber and Andre Steger won 3rd in both kata and sparring. Beginners division, Kyle Campbell winning 3rd place in his division. These students competed against other martial artists in various styles, from all over the world. The Battle of Atlanta is one of the most prestige tournaments in the World.